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  • The design, installation and commissioning of a ventilation and air conditioning system for residential, commercial and industrial applications, using a design software. Operations performed include cooling load estimates, duct sizing and layout, determining fan power (static pressures) and coil capacities.
  • The design and installation of an air quality management system using various air exchange mechanisms that will ensure adequate fresh air intake for proper ventilation and extract. These designs can be flexible depending on considerations on site.
  • The supply, fabrication, installation and commissioning of sheet metal air ducts in our new state-of-the-art workshop, chilled water pipes and fittings along with its insulation, refrigerant pipes, electrical connections, and their attendant controls and accessories.
  • Troubleshooting and a fully backed comprehensive maintenance of the above systems using a reliable technical support crew with state-of-the-earth, U.N. compliant service tools to respond promptly to complaints of equipment failures, aided by our extensive communication network.
  • We can offer comments/advice on how your building can affect the type of air conditioning system proposed.
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